There’s a window as the seasons change, where it’s hard to know which shoes to go with for everyday wear. Mushy, thawing ground and unpredictable weather mean that something more than a light shoe is in order — but it’s often warm enough that a chunky winter shoe is equally impractical. Sensing this void, Umi shoes recently unveiled it’s 2009 ‘Winter-to-Spring’ collection. Filled with vibrant colors, sturdy construction and just the right amount of coverage, it’s exactly what you need to ease your way into the brighter (warmer!) days ahead.

I love the Brise for toddler girls. Now available in rose red, rose mini-leopard and tan-mini leopard, it’s a stylish flat dressed-up nicely with contrasting criss-cross straps. The ever-popular Puggle is back as well with two fresh new color combinations: rose/pink and white/chocolate/tan. There are also some cute additions to the crib shoe line, especially Friends and Potpourri. If the latter doesn’t get you in the mood for spring, nothing will!

— Missy