Uma Thurman says her greatest happiness comes from being a mom

In 2004, Uma Thurman’s professional life soared, but her personal life was in crises. She was in the middle of a divorce from Ethan Hawke and taking on the new role of a single mom to kids Maya and Levon.

Looking back on that time in her life, Uma talked about the challenges especially with two young children. "It’s not pleasant to experience any kind of separation, especially when you have children, but you learn to move forward and get on with your life… I’m not the first or last woman to be in this kind of situation. There are many other single mothers out there, and there are a lot worse things that can happen to you in life."

Uma says that these experiences have made her a stronger person and that being a mom is the source of her greatest happiness. "I enjoy watching my children grow and bonding with them in very fascinating ways. It’s the most basic and still one of the most profound experiences to look at your children’s faces and watch them and react to everything around them."

As of late, Uma has been balancing a busy career with motherhood. Her children are growing up fast – Maya turns 8 today and Levon is 5. Her next film My Super Ex-Girlfriend will be released July 21, 2006.

Source: The Daily Record

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