Ubooshi has a fan in Reese Witherspoon's dad

What a perfect gentleman! Reese Witherspoon‘s father wrote a thank you note to the new, hip toddler t-shirt company, Ubooshi.He was so impressed by the face-to-face meeting with the company’sfounder, Carolina, and her quality t-shirts that her wrote her a formalnote on his medical letterhead. He went on and on about how much Reeseand the kids love the line.

The tees that Ava and Deacon received included Silver Spoon (get it, WitherSPOON), Love (we love the sign language illustrations), Instruction Manual Not Included, and Be Nice to My Mom, She’s Tired. The shirts are available in sizes 3-6 months through 6 and most are available in both short and long sleeves.

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