Tyra Banks showers Jessica Alba on her show

On today’s Tyra, Tyra Banks surprised mom-to-be Jessica Alba with a baby shower. Grand Avenue Baby and MomLogic organized the gifts including a Valco Baby Stroller, Cariboo Classic Bassinet, Bel Bambini toys andclothing, Stride Rite shoes, Svan Bouncer, Timi and Leslie diaper bags,and more.

Tyra also spoke to Jessica about her new film, The Eye, her fiancé Cash Warren and impending motherhood –- including her new sensitivity to smell, whether she will find out the gender of the baby and how her body is changing especially her “new boobs.”

Of the surprise and the gifts, Jessica said,

This is the best stuff.  This is what I have been going online and saying, ‘I want this and that and this’…exactly!!

CBB Reader Taylor told us that Jessica told Tyra that they do not know the sex of the baby, however, this episode was pre-taped — Cash and Jessica did find out the sex after the taping, as she confirmed to David Letterman on Monday. Also, she told Tyra that the baby will have a little bit of everything because Cash’s dad is African-American, his mom is white; Jessica’s father is Mexican and her mother is white. She also wears pregnancy Spanx.

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Photo courtesy: Warner Bros./Michael Loccisano

Gifts Jessica received include:

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