Two Flowers: A 14-track Ode to Childhood Wonder

In the past month something incredible has happened in our home. My three-year-old daughter, who until now has needed someone to sit next to her and rub her back in order to fall asleep, has started to fall asleep on her own. To me and my husband this is nothing short of a miracle and we have one person to thank. Her name is Danielle Sansone and her gift to us (and the rest of the world) is her cd, Two Flowers

Two Flowers is a collection of 14 amazing songs written by a mother to her two girls. Sansone refers to the cd as a “14-track ode to childhood wonder,” but it is so much more than that.

Soft enough to listen to at bedtime, the music is a combination of the prettiest bluegrass/folk/love song you have ever heard. Throughout the cd you hear a wide assortment of instruments — a little piano here, a little banjo there — and Sansone’s girls even guest star on some of the tracks playing cello and violin. They also contribute vocally in the most welcome of ways. Every time I hear the song “The Sleepy Mile” I laugh a little (you’ll understand why when you hear it — it’s the most adorable thing and I’m so glad that it made the final cut exactly the way that it did).

After a long day of wrestling with my three-year-old’s attitude, these songs remind me of why I am the luckiest person alive. I can not imagine a parent on this Earth who would not appreciate the beauty of the lyrics. Sansone’s voice is also incredibly comforting — the kind that gets in your head and warms your heart at the same time. Listening to this cd at the end of the day gets me to slow down a bit and remember to do something for myself.

This entire cd is like one big song you hear on the radio and immediately want to own. Buy it for yourself and buy one for every parent you know while you are at it. I hope it works miracles for your family the way it did for ours.


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