Twins Max and Emme Make Cameo at Birthday Party for Jennifer Lopez

Kevin Mazur/Getty

For Jennifer Lopez‘s surprise 40th birthday party last Saturday, husband Marc Anthony wanted her to have everything (and everyone) she loves, including her 17-month-old twins Maximilian ‘Max’ David and Emme Maribel. The evening started with a surprise Look Who’s Talking-style video starring the babies, who toddled around their Long Island manse as a voiceover said,

“Mom, we want to come to the party. Mom, I can’t believe we are not there.”

In another scene, the twins were seen “talking” on the phone. Then, Max got into his car seat and tried to buckle it, as the voiceover said, “Buckles are too hard for me.” After brother and sister were shown trying to climb out of their cribs, one was seen typing at the keyboard as a voice said, “Let’s Twitter Mom and figure out what she is doing.” At the end, Max, dressed in a tuxedo with a red bow tie and Emme, in a pink party dress, were seen running down the hallway screaming “Here we come Lola” — Marc’s pet name for Jennifer.

As the birthday girl watched the video, laughing, the lights went out and Max and Emme came out onto the stage dressed in the very same outfits. “Like they had just run out of their house to the party,” party planner Liberty Woodman of Lady Liberty Catering & Event Planning tells PEOPLE. “Jennifer was in shock.”

“It was one of her favorite parts. She was surprised and very happy. She said, ‘These are my babies.'”

After their late night appearance, the twins went back to the hotel where the family had a suite. Five hours later, after a night of non-stop music and dancing, “Lola” and Daddy called it a night and joined them.

— Liz McNeil

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