Twin daughters for Cindy Margolis

Former Baywatch babe Cindy Margolis, 39, and her husband of six years, Jerry’s Famous Deli Inc. vice president Guy Starkman, 34, have welcomed twin daughters, born on Sunday to a surrogate mother. Their names are Sabrina and Sierra. No word on if the babies are identical or fraternal. They were born 5 weeks premature and weighed 4.7 lbs each. Cindy and Guy also have a son, Nicholas, 3.

Editor’s Note: Cindy had an incredibly hard time conceiving Nicholas and ultimately did so with numerous IVF and GIFT procedures, so this time, she decided to ‘harvest’ her eggs and have a surrogate do the carrying. You may have seen their IVF special on Vh1 last year.

Source: Philadelphia Daily News and Leslie at BabyNames.

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