TV’s ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost says that at least for now, she’ll stick to taking care of other people’s children.

"I can’t hear the biological clock going tick, tick, tick, right now. I’m 36 and when I meet somebody and when we decide that we will have children then maybe we will. But maybe we won’t have children. I don’t feel that urgency that many women have."

For the past 17 years, Jo has worked as a nanny; she became a household name in England after the 2004 premiere of her reality-show "Supernany," which made its way to America last year.

In an interview with Reuters, she talked about how important it is for parents to not be afraid to set limits for their children.

"Parents are almost fearful of disciplining their children. They are scared they are going to lose the connection with them when they are teenagers or adults."

When asked about those who criticize her childrearing methods, Jo says that she is just trying to help families as much as she can. "I certainly don’t have horns growing out of head … I work with the families and I am very dedicated and passionate and what I do makes a difference to families."

Soure: Reuters

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