Norah O'Donnell and chef husband, Geoff Tracy, share a recipe from their new cookbook, Baby Love.

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September 03, 2010 02:00 PM

Courtesy St. Martin’s Press

Earlier this week we told you about Baby Love, a new cookbook from NBC’s Norah O’Donnell and her chef husband, Geoff Tracy.

The how-to outlines easy ways to make baby food at home, with footnotes from Tracy offering tips on preparation and more.

“I share certain techniques in the book that teach people to be faster in the kitchen,” Tracy (of Lia’s and Chef Geoff’s in D.C.) tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“It’s important to busy parents.” O’Donnell, 36, agrees. “I was surprised at how easy it was to make our own [food],” she says. “One day when you have an hour of free time, you can bang it out. It’s simple.”

It’s cheaper, too! “From a cost perspective, it’s less expensive to produce the food than it is to buy the packaged products,” Tracy explains. “It’s better from an environmental perspective, too — you’re not producing waste with baby jars.”

Though the couple’s daughters Riley Norah, 2, and Grace, 3, love their fresh fruits and veggies, son Henry, also 3 (and Grace’s twin!) has found them harder to swallow. “I’ve taught him to say ‘No thanks’ instead of ‘Yucky’,” O’Donnell laughs. “We suppose two out of three ain’t bad!”

Regardless, the family is dedicated to filling up on healthful snacks, and they’re sharing a recipe for one with us!

Courtesy St. Martin’s Press

Very Blueberry and Apple, AKA “Don’t eat this on the white carpet Blueberry and Apple”

For children 8 months plus, Yield 32 oz.

4 apples, 1 cup fresh blueberries, 8 oz. water or apple juice

1. Wash and peel the apples (peeling is optional) 2. Cut each apple in half 3. Remove the seeds and stem with a melon baller 4. Cut each half into 6 pieces 5. Look over blueberries for stems 6. Put the apple pieces, blueberries, and juice into a 4-qt. pot 7. Turn the burner on high and cover with a lid 8. Cook for approximately 8 minutes, stirring once 9. Pour everything into the blender; purée until smooth 10. Pour into two ice cube trays and allow to cool 11. Wrap and freeze

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