Trista Sutter talks percentiles and parenting

In a new video interview posted to, reality star Trista Sutter said that her son Maxwell Alston, who was born at 36-weeks gestation after Trista developed HELLP Syndrome, is doing well. Although Max — turning 4-months next week — still receives oxygen when he is in his home state of Colorado, where Trista and husband Ryan Sutter live at 8,500-ft altitude, Trista said that the baby only needs "a little extra help." Added Trista,

[Max] is in his second percentile for weight, fifth for height, and 25th for his head.

Trista said that she was surprised "really how hard [motherhood] would be," particularly in regards to sleep.

Trying to get him to sleep through the night is a pretty difficult task. 

At the same time, the 35-year-old admits that caring for Max during the daytime is relatively easy — for the time being.

Because, right now, at least he’s not rolling or crawling or running or any of that yet. 

Nursing was a priority for the family, Trista said, adding that "it’s the healthiest alternative" for Max.

It’s totally the parents decision.  Together I think you should make it with your husband.  But for us breastfeeding was the best alternative.

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