Trista Sutter talks about weightloss and having more babies

If his parents have their way, Max Alston Sutter, 5 ½-months, will be a big brother sooner rather than later. In the lead story for this week’s US, Trista Sutter says that she and husband Ryan Sutter already have "started trying" for another baby.

We wanted to wait for awhile, because I was really sick during my first pregnancy, but I’d love to have babies close in age. And it took us so long the first time that if it takes us two years, then that will be fine.

The 35-year-old former Bachelorette star — who is still nursing Max — appears on the cover of the magazine holding the baby while wearing a itsy-bitsy yellow bikini, and reveals that she’s managed to meet her stated goal of losing all 30 pounds of baby weight in five months. Trista credits her slim-down to a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet, andfour-times-a-week workouts with a personal trainer, who both comes tothe house and meets her at the gym. Besides the obvious physicalbenefits, the speedy return to her pre-baby physique has given the new first-time mom a big emotional boost. Says Trista,

I’mhappy with my body. I’m confident and proud of the work I’ve done…Ifeel a lot more fit and healthy. And I think that’s playing a part inour relationship. It’s a lifestyle more than a goal. I want to stay healthy for Max, stay sexy for Ryan, and be proud of myself.

Ryan, 34, agrees, adding,

I’m just happy to see her happy with herself… and her butt looks great!

Source: US

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