Trista Sutter Braves Snowstorm to Birth Blakesley

Having fallen in love on The Bachelorette, Trista and Ryan Sutter are no strangers to drama — but even they couldn’t top the dramatic arrival of their daughter Blakesley Grace last Friday.

An early spring snowstorm in Vail, Colo. forced officials to close the highway between the Sutters home and the Vail Valley Medical Center, but a laboring Trista didn’t have a minute to spare. “I had to tell the trooper, ‘I’m in labor, I need to get through,'” Trista, 36, tells Life & Style Weekly. “I think he knew he had the choice of letting me through or delivering the baby in my car.” Baby girl was delivered via c-section shortly after their safe arrival at the medical facility.

Echoing earlier statements made by family members, the name ‘Blakesley’ holds special significance for Trista, for it is her mom’s maiden name. The couple have numerous nicknames to choose from, and will take their time in deciding which one is the best fit. Adds Trista,

“We haven’t decided what we’ll call her — Blakesley, Blake, Grace or Gracie. We’ll let her personality show us what’s right.”

Blakesley is the second child for the couple, who are already parents to Maxwell ‘Max’ Alston, 20 months.

Source: Live & Style Weekly

— Missy

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