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Updated November 10, 2008 10:00 AM

The Celebrity Baby Blog recently chatted with Bachelorette alums Trista and Ryan Sutter — who are expecting their second child in April — about their new partnership with Hyatt.

Trista also took the time to answer some CBB reader questions we gathered from you last month; in the interview, she discusses her infertility battle, how she's hoping to avoid the complications she experienced in her first pregnancy, if they'll be finding out the sex of the new baby, and what 15-month-old Max is up to lately.

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The couple is working with Hyatt to promote their new travel compatibility quizwhich asks 12 questions adapted from an established personality testandcategorizes participants into four travel types. Travelers who took thequiz before November 7th and were compatible with Trista and Ryan'stravel type (RomanticTravelers) were eligible to win a two-day, two-night,all-expenses-paid trip with the celebrity couple to the newlyredesigned Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa.

Danielle: Tell me about your partnership with the Hyatt. How is it working?

Trista: We will be going to the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach, Calif.,with the lucky – hopefully they'll think so! – winner who goes If they end up as a romantic traveler like Ryanand I – there are four different personalities. People think ofromantic as love and chocolate, but for us it was more aboutreconnecting with friends and family, and making sure our travelcompanion is happy and having fun. It's cool, because Hyatt has thesetravel packages, and Amour is one of their packages suited towardpeople who find they're romantic travelers. So if you book a Hyattretreat package and you know you're a romantic traveler, you'd probablybook an Amour package because you know that it's more suited to you andit would enhance your vacation more. It's really cool, a one-of-a-kindthing. And they're just setting up.

They're also doing a giveaway, if they book a Hyatt retreats packageat, they can get $50 back for a spa, dining or golfactivities if they use their American Express card and complete thetravel by December 28th. So they're giving back! And hopefully, we'llget someone cool to go with us on our trip.

It's so important to go away with your partner. When you have alittle one at home, yes we love spending time with him, it's ourfavorite thing to do, but it's also important to focus on yourrelationship and get away when you can and have time together.

Of your vacations, how many are with Max?

Oh a lot. I wish they had frequent flier miles for babies! But theydon't let you have one until you're two years old. But he hasn't needed aseat at this point. He's been to New York, he's been to LA, Nebraskaand St. Louis, Hawaii and Miami, and all over Colorado. He's been somany places. We love to travel, and we want to instill that in him. Sowe plan to continue traveling with him and the new baby. It's harderfor sure, and more difficult to plan and get through it, but it's soworth it. It's so much fun to see his face light up when he seessomething new. We're going to Sea World in Orlando in a week, so I'mjust so looking forward to taking him there and showing him the killerwhales and Shamu and even polar bears and stuff that he's never seenbefore. It's so exciting to see things through his eyes, and one ofthose ways is to travel and show him some new places and new things.


Have you taken him overseas yet?

No we haven't. And who knows, we could, but I don't think while I'mpregnant I'll be going any time soon. But after we have the baby if wehave the opportunity to go somewhere, we will. Our family just went toMexico a year ago for a family getaway, so we could do that for sure.I'd go to Mexico. But he's been to Hawaii, so it's the United States,but pretty far. I think we'd wait until he and the baby are a little older for something transatlantic or Europe or Asia or wherever else.But Hawaii, Mexico and Canada I could definitely see doing when thebaby is a little older.

I wish they made passports for U.S. travel. Something fun where youcould get someone to stamp something for kids just to show wherethey've been and how much they've seen.

I think when you start earlier with kids, it's easier. It's easywhen they're babies because they just sleep and eat. But not anymore!Max wants to play and walk and just be active.

How are you feeling?

Pretty crappy! I'm getting morning sickness. It's usuallypretty bad for me. And of course not morning sickness, it's all-daysickness. I'm even worse at night – it used to be that mornings werebad, now nights are bad. It's fluctuating sickness. It went away at 16weeks with Max, so I'm almost there. I'm waiting for that day! I'vethought to myself, "Will I know how it feels to not be nauseousanymore?"

How far along are you?

I'm just starting my second trimester.

What about the exhaustion?

You can't even really explain it to someone who hasn't been pregnantbefore. I've tried explaining it to Ryan, about being exhausted, and Idon't think he, or any other man or woman who hasn't been pregnant canunderstand. You're tired. You just have no energy to get out of bed.Walking up the stairs for me is tough. Max is at the age where he canclimb up the stairs and enjoy it. A lot of times I'll have him climb upthe stairs to go change his diaper or whatever, because I don't havethe energy to carry him up there. Once I get up there, I'm just out ofbreath and need to sit down, and it's awful. The worst part is theexhaustion combined with the nausea. If they happened separately, it'dbe a lot easier to deal with obviously, but since they happen togetherit's difficult. But you know what? No more complaining! I'm pregnant,I'm blessed, and I just want to get through it. It's a good sign.

Did you two try anything different this time? It didn't take you quite as long to get pregnant.

We were just not not trying. I honestly don't know. I mean I knowhow it happened but I don't know how it happened faster this timecompared to last time. Who knows. It was just in the cards. We were onbirth control when we first had Max, because we really did want to havesome time with him with us, then we thought we'd love to have siblingscloser in age, so we stopped the birth control and just thought itwould happen when it was supposed to. And it did!

Our reader Kathryn would like to know more about yourbattle with infertility. Any advice for helping other people deal with it? What helped you get through it less stressfully?

Staying educated is a big thing. Because there is so much technologyout there it kind of gives you hope to know there are things out therethat you can use if you do have issues. Stay positive and hopeful,that's what we did and thankfully it ended up happening for us.

There's actually a great gala I'm going to be going to for anorganization called Fertile Dreams. It's going to be in Orlando andthey're going to be giving grants to couples with fertility issues andneed help paying for IVFs and everything. Educate yourself – if you'rehaving problems and you're worried about finances, know that there aregreat organizations out there that can help you if you need.

We alsowork with a company called Fertile Hope — one of Ryan's college friendsactually founded it — and they work with people who have had cancerand need to freeze their eggs or sperm in order to conceive later on inlife. I think just staying hopeful and knowing that there's greattechnology out there that if you need it, you can go out there andactually utilize it. People know what they're talking about – they dealwith these things every day. There's hope. It took us a long time, wewent to a fertility specialist and thankfully we only had to go throug
hthe first round of testing, we didn't need to do anything more thanthat, but we were ready.


Karlye remembers that you talked about using the OV Watch whenyou were trying to become pregnant with Max. Did you use the OV Watchthis time?

It happened so fast, that I think I only used one month worth. It'sa great device, but thankfully I didn't necessarily need it this time.

Tracey asks, What are you doing to prepare for the possibility of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and HELLP again?

Lots of prayers! Right now because I've been so nauseous, I haven'treally been watching what I eat. If I eat, I'm all about Russell's andFrench onion dip. Any carbs. Auntie Anne's – I have to have theircinnamon sugar pretzels when I'm in the airport! It's all about carbsright now. Wendy's French fries – love it. Normally I do not eat likethat and obviously if I do develop gestational diabetes again it's notgoing to be part of my diet because I just would not be able to. Youknow, preparation – it's mostly about prayers right now because I'mreally not doing anything. In terms of HELLP and preeclampsia I'm justfollowing my doctor's orders and going in when she says I need to gointo the office. And I have followed up or consulted with a perinatologist and they have me coming in for more than normal visits,in addition because I'm a high-risk pregnancy because of my age — I'mgoing to be turning 36 in a couple of weeks — so they're following memoreso.

Honestly I'm just following my doctor's advice and recommendationswhen it comes to preeclampsia, and doing research when I can, but Ithink it's a double-edged sword as well because when you go online, itcan get kind of scary hearing about the risks. And I trust my doctorfully and completely and would rather hear it from her than fromsomeone I don't know who may be giving me incorrect information. Whenwe get closer to my due date I might start taking my blood pressure andjust keep conscious of what my body's telling me. Because I know whathappened last time. You just get it or you don't. I'm sure resting is agood method of prevention, because preeclampsia develops from highblood pressure, so if you take it easy and stay out of stressfulsituations as much as possible it helps. It's not to say that it's justbecause of stress though. I didn't have a stressful day at all when Idelivered Max, it was just one of those things. I really don't thinkthere's any way to prevent preeclampsia, although I'm not a medicalexpert, so I probably can't say, but from what I've heard, I do notbelieve so.

Brandi would like to know if you plan to find out the sex of the baby this time. Last time you had a delivery surprise.

I think so. We were surprised with Max, but because of my emergencyc-section under general anesthesia we didn't have that "It's a boy!" moment, unfortunately, andI think I'll probably have to do a c-section again, so I figure why notfind out beforehand. We can have a doctor put it in an envelope, takeit to dinner and have a celebration or something. It might be moreexciting than me finding out on the recovery room table!

Tracey asked, Are you planning for a c-section because of the complications from last time?

Yes, because of the HELLP syndrome and preeclampsia. And I thinkyou can't have a vaginal delivery after a c-section if your secondchild (or next child) is within two years of the previous. So if it'dbeen a little bit longer, I could try to have a vaginal delivery, butbecause I'll be closer time-wise I can't.

Ericka wants to know if you feel more excited or more nervous this time around, given what happened with your last pregnancy.

Definitely more toward excited. Because of my morning sickness I'mtrying to get through that right now, but I'm not nervous necessarily.Last time, I was excited for sure. I've always dreamt of being a mom.And that dream was coming true.

Ashley asked if you have names in mind?

We do, but that's the only thing I'm keeping to myself! We have somenames we like a lot from our first pregnancy, so we'll be using othersthis time around.


Elizabeth wants to know if you're still working on your TristaBaby diaper bag line.

I am! We're still in the first round, we're still kickin'. ObviouslyI've been a little busy so we haven't been able to do much, but we'redefinitely still doing it and I'm looking forward to doing a secondround.

What does Max like to do? His favorite playthings or songs or games?

Right now he loves opening and closing cabinets. Climbing thestairs. He just started walking a few weeks ago – he's been walking fora couple months now – but confidently on his own. He'll let go ofthings and stand up from sitting on his own. He walks everywhere. Helikes to pick up stuff and bring it to you. I have a bunch of hangersthat I needed to put in his closet and they were just sitting on thefloor. He'd grab a hanger and go bring it to me, grab a hanger and giveit to me, over and over and over!

He has a playgroup and he loves his buddies. Any song that comes on,it doesn't matter if it's from a commercial or one of his toys, hebounces up and down, bends his knees and is "dancing." It's so cute.It's a lot of fun – he's one fun baby.

Christine asked, What are your favorite things to watch the other do with Max? Is there anything cute Ryan does with him?

He "flies" him all over the room and Max just loves it. He giggles.I love anything that makes him giggle – anything that makes him laughI'm all about.

Ryan on Trista: I like to watch her teach him how to talk, pointingat stuff and telling him what it is. It's cool because I'll go to workfor a couple of days and come back, and she'll have some new thingsshe's taught him, like showing how old he is with his finger. Some sortof things like that where she's been working on it for a few days.She's just a really good teacher, and I like to see the progress alongthose lines.

I try! It's one of my favorite things. I love that he's getting gotbe more vocal and "bird" for example, in the beginning it was "buh" andnow it's "bir," so he's getting really close to saying the full world.I love seeing the actual development, it's really fun for me. I was apediatric physical therapist, so it's kind of in my nature to teach himstuff. I hope that I'm good at it, and I want to be the best that I canbe, because he's not in day care. Mainly it's just me or if we're inplaygroup he's learning stuff from other kids. But I love that. I lovegoing to music class with him, and we're going to start gymnasticssoon, so it's just so much fun.

Have you used sign language with him at all?

No, as a physical therapist I worked with people who think it candefinitely help them, there's people who think it can definitely impairthem, but I think I'm leaning toward the side of rather having himstart talking on his own than show him something that might impair hisvocal abilities later on. I know people who want to do it – I have verygood friends who have with their kids – but no I haven't done it. Ifeel like I know when he's trying to communicate certain things,although he's not at the point yet where he can say, "Give me thatbottle."

Vanessa asked, What are you doing to prepare him to be a big brother?

Not really anything yet. He doesn't really comprehend it. We'll try once I get further along, but not quite

— Danielle