Trista Sutter talks about postpartum weightloss


The girls at Pinks & Blues recently chatted with Trista Sutter about her weightloss after having son Maxwell Alston six months ago. The 35-year-old mom also talked about what 2008 has in store for her family, including husband Ryan, and how Max inspires her.

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We loved your feature in US Weekly and you look fabulous, Trista! What helped you stick to your plan?

Thank you! It was nerve-wracking having that shoot hanging over my head for a few months, but on the flip side…it was excellent motivation! There were a lot of things that helped me stick to my plan and willpower was surely one of them.

I also wanted to feel healthy and fit, be able to look in the mirror and feel confident, fit into my clothes, feel sexy for my husband, and of course, have the energy I need as a new mom. I worked out with a trainer and every 1-2 weeks, I did a body composition measurement, so that also helped a lot…like studying for a test and getting a good grade every couple weeks.

What’s your fitness and nutrition plan to have enough energy to soon be chasing after a crawling and/or walking Max… all while trying to conceive again, as well!?

As soon as my doctor gave me the go-ahead to start working out, I was at the gym for hour-long sessions on average, 3-4 times/week up until the day of the shoot. I also tried keeping active at home, whether it be going on walks around my neighborhood, or doing workout videos, like Billy Blanks.

My nutrition plan wasn’t really about dieting…just eating healthier. As I’m sure you know…when you’re breastfeeding, you are actually supposed to increase your caloric intake and for me, my doctor recommended about 500 extra calories/day. That meant not really cutting out food, but just modifying it to include more balance.

I kept track of my calories at Revolution Lifestyle — their easy-to-use tool really helped me stay in check. You know, it’s really all about diet and exercise. If you eat in moderation, with a healthy balance and work on your cardiovascular and muscular fitness, you will have the energy that you need to chase after any baby.

When you put your bikini on in Hawaii for your US photo shoot and got to strut your stuff, what was going through your head?

I was actually excited. I hadn’t been in a bathing suit since my first trimester of pregnancy, and I felt really good. I still have a little toning to do, but overall, I felt proud of what I had accomplished and confident enough to walk around without always being covered up.

Has Max given you a different motivation in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Do you feel it is important for kids to be proud of their parents?

Definitely, although I think that the most important thing is to do it for yourself. As the wife of a triathlete and active outdoorsman, our lifestyle has always been focused on health and wellness, but I have to admit that since I met him, I had slacked off. I used to dance for the Miami Heat and was a physical therapist, so I was always pretty fit, but didn’t really workout much until I was on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’

I now have a greater appreciation for my health because I want to be add to the quality of life I have with my new family. I definitely think it’s important for kids to be proud of their parents. It’s also super important to be good role models and I want to be that for Max.

So besides trying for another baby, what are your plans for 2008? Will we be seeing you and Ryan on television again in the future!?

For 2008, my priorities are…

1. Being the best mom and wife I can be (and keeping our fingers crossed for another baby blessing!).

2. Spending time expanding my new line of diaper bags. It’s called Trista Baby and it’s been a great opportunity in that it I can work from home and be here every day for Max.

3. Maintaining (and hopefully surpassing!) the health and fitness level that I’ve worked hard to achieve.

4. Working with companies to help increase awareness about fertility issues and anything baby related, as I’ve been through a lot with trying for two years, then developing gestational diabetes, preclampsia and HELLP syndrome, and now living the life I always dreamed of as a mom.

If you are interested in Revolution Lifestyle, visit Pinks and Blues for their interview with Matt Hesse, owner of the company.

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