Trends For Kids Buggster S Stroller: The Suspension Will Spoil You

Think the Trends For Kids Buggster S Stroller ($350) looks familiar? It’s because Valco Baby distributed the previous version, the Buggster, for a few years.

The Buggster S, from Trends For Kids, has two big differences: spring loaded tires which give the stroller excellent suspension and a flippable footrest.

Designed and engineered in Germany, the Buggster S, with a weight of 15.4 lbs, has such features as one-handed steering, a fingertip push, breathable seat insert, large storage basket, and a wide seat.

Putting it Together
Set up is painless – just add the wheels and sun canopy. It will take under five minutes and will not require any tools.

The Ride
The Buggster S has really smooth suspension, due to the spring loaded wheels. It was absolutely lovely to push and perfectly glided over the bumpy sidewalks and curbs of New York City, where I reside. It’s a 3 wheeler, with tubeless pneumatic tires — but if a 3 wheeler isn’t for you, a double front wheel is available ($97).

The handles, while not adjustable, were comfortable and ergonomically designed.

Infant Use
For infants, you have the option of adding a rear-facing carrycot ($227.90), that comes with an organic crib mattress option ($64.90), or you can choose to use an infant car seat with adapter. Currently, there’s an adapter ($25) available for Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seats, with adapters for Graco and Peg Perego Car Seats coming in the fall. The seat is not suitable for children under six months, because it does not recline totally flat.

The Seat
The seat (which comes with a removable AIRGO breathable seat insert to help with air circulation) is wide and deep — which is good for younger and older riders. Both of my children, aged 3 ½ and 17 months, fit nicely in the seat — with room to spare. The seat has a deep, zippered recline, which is perfect for napping children. My daughter, who never falls asleep in a stroller, actually slept in the Buggster S. It does not recline totally flat — which is why there’s a carrycot option for infants. The cushioned child handle bar is really cool- just push the red buttons to flip it up higher for younger children or lower for older children. It can also be easily removed, if you prefer. Older children will like resting their feet on flippable foot rest, which protects the front wheel’s swivel/fixed dial (turn the dial to select your favorite setting).

The triangle shaped storage basket is large and flat-bottomed. I was able to fit a whole reusable grocery bag (packed with food) in it. The stroller is very stable and can handle some weight hanging off of it.

Sun/Weather Exposure
The sun canopy is okay. During really sunny weather, I would have liked to be able to tilt it further down. However, I would recommend Trends For Kids’ UV Sun Cover ($32) for the Buggster S, which is offered as an accessory. It was simple to attach, with 95% UVA and UVB sun protection. It kept my child’s whole body shielded from the sun, which is better than just shielding a child’s face and arms. We also recommend picking up the PVC-free rain cover for the Buggster S ($34), which protected my daughter from the elements. I liked that it folded up small and fit in the storage basket when I didn’t need it.

The Fold
The fold has several steps, which is required by European law for safety. Once you master it, it’s not a big deal and can be done very quickly. First, push the red handle in the back of the stroller, dislodging the plastic prong. Then pull the red handle up, which will collapse the back wheels. Then click both the white handles back (right below the ergonomic handles), which will collapse the side joints on each side of the seat. Then push the stroller forward to fold. You can lock the fold by taking the nylon strap and hooking it onto the small metal hook on the frame near the front wheel. The fold is pretty compact — to make it even smaller, you can take the front wheel off easily (by pushing the red button).

To unfold: First, unhook the nylon strap, then push up on the side joints on each side of the seat to lock them into place, then push the prong into place with your hand (by doing this, the wheels should go down into position).

Accessories Available
A PVC-free rain cover, UV sun shield, footmuff, travel bag, carrycot, organic crib mattress are optional accessories.

Pros: The suspension and easy push provide a comfortable ride. The seat will accommodate children of varying ages and sizes. Can use a bassinet and car seat with adapter.

Cons: The fold/unfold has a lot of steps (though it goes quickly). The sunshade could be much better– to make sure your child is protected fully from the sun’s rays, consider getting Trends For Kids’ UV sun shield.

Final Verdict: The Buggster S is an amazing stroller. I love the suspension and easy steering. It’s compact/ lightweight enough for frequent car trips and public transportation use, while still terrific for long walks. Both my husband and father -in-law proclaimed that Buggster S was their favorite stroller. While the Buggster S is not cheap at $349.99 — if you are looking at strollers in the same price point category, you’ll be thrilled at the suspension, easy push and the features that you get.

The Buggster S is currently available at or

— Nancy

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