Travis Barker speaks to People about Shanna, divorce and kids

Travis Barker, 30 who recently filed for divorce from wife Shanna Moakler, 31 is not keeping his reasons quiet. In an exclusive interview to People, he explained himself and said he is dedicated to his children. Barker and Moakler have son Landon, 2 1/2 and daughter Alabama, 8 months while they also raised Moakler’s daughter Atiana, 7. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

PEOPLE: How are you doing? Are you angry or sad?
– I’m not in the angry phase at all because I’m still absolutely in love with Shan. It feels weird to not wake up to my children every day, to be honest. But I sneak over every morning to see the babies.

PEOPLE: Do they understand what’s going on?
– Well, ‘Bam [Alabama] is seven months old. She just pisses herself when she sees me because she’s so excited because she was used to seeing me so much during the day. And my son just thinks I’m working like crazy right now.

PEOPLE: You felt you and Shanna were focused on different things?
– Yeah. I think the priority should be the kids. My No. 1 priority is my children – more than the studio, more than my clothing line, more than my skateboard room or my Cadillac, anything. We didn’t have that same feeling. She didn’t prioritize our life and our family in the same way I do.

Source: People magazine

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