April 17, 2012 01:00 PM

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When Pat Monahan and his wife Amber recently welcomed their son, there was no need for the couple to play the name game.

The Train frontman’s sister-in-law Summer — and their baby boy — had already spoken.

“My sister-in-law was having these very intuitive, very intense dreams that [my unborn son] was visiting her and insisting that his name was Rock,” the singer, 43, tells PEOPLE.

After several episodes of baby boy revealing his name choice, Monahan admits they began to “take it real seriously” — especially when the expectant parents weren’t getting the message.

“She said that my son was coming to her and grabbing her face and saying, ‘Aunt Summer, my mom and dad won’t listen to me in their dreams. You need to tell them my name is Rock,'” he recalls.

“Then she had another one where he was wearing a [Colorado] Rockies uniform playing baseball. He was like, ‘Aunt Summer, look, my name’s on [my shirt].'”

Eventually, Monahan and Amber gave into the vivid dreams — and complied with their son’s request! — in an effort for Summer to get in a bit of shuteye.

“You just go, ‘Alright, this kid is going to get the name. Tell him to quit bugging you and get some rest!'” the new dad jokes.

Now proud parents to Rock Richard, Monahan insists that the given moniker has everything to do with his sister-in-law and nothing to do with his career. “We didn’t name him because of rock music,” he explains. “We felt like he should have a strong foundation name.”

As for big sister Autumn, the sibling bond between the 3½-year-old and the “sweet little guy” seems to be growing stronger every day. Still, despite the smooth transition, learning to spread the love is always on Monahan’s mind.

“There will be times where you give a smaller, younger child love and affection and then you look over at the other child and they’re watching you and you go, ‘And here’s the other half of my love…'” he says, adding, ultimately, his daughter is “very psyched” with the newest addition.

Train’s latest album, California 37, was released Tuesday.

— Anya Leon

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