Tracy Morgan talks about embarassing his kids

With his show 30 Rock halted by the writers strike, Tracy Morgan says he’s making the most of the downtime — by annoying his three kids! The 39-year-old tells TV Guide,

I’m just sitting around the house. I have a girlfriendnow, and I’ve been getting on my woman’snerves. I get on my kids’ nerves. That’s what I do.

What’s Tracy’s preferred method? Every child’s worst nightmare, of course.

I’m Dad! I do what Iwant to do! I walk around buck nekkid. My kids hateit, but I walk around the house with no drawers on.I go commando in my house!

If the boys protest too much, Tracy knows how to keep them in check. When asked if his kids think he’s funny, Tracy said,

Hell, yeah! Especially when they look at their bank account.

Tracy’s sons — Gitrid, 21, Malcolm, 20, and Tracy, 16 — are with his estranged wife Sabina.

Source: TV Guide

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