In addition to the four retro playsets introduced this January that commemorate Little People‘s fiftieth anniversary, Fisher-Price is also introducing four new contemporary-themed sets that will be available in July.

The Fairy Treehouse ($23) has multiple levels to explore. Push Fairy Sarah Lynn (she has wings!) in the buttercup swing, serve her lunch at the flower blossom table and chairs, open the tree trunk stable and feed the unicorn from the bin of berries, place Sarah Lynn in her saddle and go for a ride. After her fairy dust shower, put her to sleep in her nest bed. There’s even a removable tub with shower spout where Sarah Lynn can get a sprinkle of fairy dust! When it’s time for bed, place her inside the nest bed with leaf pillow.

The Rescue Ramps Fire Station ($23) is a multi-level command center with a flip-open garage door, helipad for emergency landings, upper-deck catwalk and cool ramp with lift-off lever that sends vehicles down to the next rescue mission. The set also includes a detailed fire truck with extendable, rotating ladder. Press down on the driver’s seat for realistic siren sound effects. The station has a removable ladder and built-in hydrant with detachable rubberized hose that also attaches to the fire truck’s ladder and front cab. Michael can hold the hose in his hand to fight fires, climb ladders and even sit at the control station inside the firehouse.


The two-level Happy Sounds Home ($35.50) includes a kitchen with a refrigerator that opens and closes, table, chairs and high chair, a living room with a ringing telephone, a bedroom with a bed for mom and dad and swinging bassinet for baby, a laundry room with a washer/dryer that makes sound effects, a bathroom with a tub that makes sounds and a toilet that makes flushing sounds. Best of all, it closes for storage and holds all of the pieces.

The Sing ‘n Learn Recycling Truck ($17.50) is truly a sign of the times, combining learning 1-10 and ABCs with a environmental message. Kids can drop the ten pieces shaped like recognizable recycling objects (paper, milk cartons, bottles, cans and boxes) in the slots on the truck and rewards kids as the truck counts or put them in the back door and listen to crunching sound effects.

— Danielle