Toy Fair 2009: Cabbage Patch Kids Fairies

A child of the 80’s, I owned a Cabbage Patch Kid that I treasured. Named Celeste, she had a face only a cabbage (or an 8-year-old) could love and a tattoo on her tush. I think my Aunt Claire had to bribe someone at her local toy store to get dolls for me and my brother.

Man did I love that ugly thing. So it only makes sense that, as a mother of the 00’s, I would want my daughter to have her own CPK. Since she’s obsessed with princesses and fairies, it’s only appropriate that her first Kid be from the new Cabbage Patch Kids Fairies line from JAKKS Pacific. At $11 each, they are much more affordable plus they’re the perfect size for toddlers to hug. Like all Kids, each comes with her own unique name and birth date.

— Danielle

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