Babycakes of Scottsdale is now promoting some of their own, exclusive products. I fell in love with their new Town Tote ($119). Great for the beach, strolling with baby or even as a bag for mommy. So many pockets and its so cute!!! Comes in 6 metallic colors: pink, light blue, silver, gold, dark blue and black. You’re not going to want to miss out on this!

Original review: Looking for a great gift idea for a baby shower or a new baby present? Be sure to check out Babycakes of Scottsdale. Not a diaper cake, this marvelous gift looks and smells like a fragrant flower arrangement. It’s filled with cleverly hidden baby items. Choose from one, two or three tiers at different price points ($190, $294 and $399). Packed creatively, this will look gorgeous on a hospital bedside or in baby’s nursery.

The Babycake I checked out was stunning. It had of 6 onesies in various pink patterns, 6 flannel receiving blankets, several washcloths, a bib, a pair of lacy white socks, a pink plush chenille blanket, pink and white flowered stuffed bear by Amy Coe, a deep pink skull hat and adorable ivory lace booties.

I was hesitant to take it apart completely because it really was gorgeous! I kept finding baby items inside, which delighted me. The Babycake was decorated with life-like silk flowers and smelled incredible. I loved this scent so much that I asked about it. Owner Hillary Rubin told me each bouquet is misted with Anne Fontaine home spray from Paris. She feels that "Every mom deserves an everlasting splash of freshness."

You can also customize the Babycake. How great is that? Want to match a nursery’s decor? A baby shower theme? A favorite color? The company will work with you to make a custom cake to your specifications.

Celebs also love this product. Amanda Peet, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tori Spelling, Marcia Cross, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, as well as Nancy O’Dell have all been gifted with fabulous Babycakes. How delicious it that? For more information, go to They ship everywhere (and it will arrive in perfect condition).