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Updated April 07, 2007 11:15 AM

We posted highlights from Tori Spelling‘s introduction of her son Liam Aaron McDermott, 3 weeks, earlier this week – and now that the issue is out, we have the rest!

On going into labor: I woke up in the middle of the night and felt warm water everywhere. Dean was sleeping in the living room with Jack, who was visiting us, so I didn’t want to wake him. So I went to the computer, logged on to, and learned that my water could break before contractions even started. I woke up Dean, and we called my doctor, Jason Rothbart. He was like, ‘It’s time.’ My hospital bag wasn’t packed [Tori went into labor over two weeks before her due date], but I grabbed my Dear Johnnies nightgown and left.

On the labor: They induced me with Pitocin. I felt like I was being Tasered! [Pitocin can cause more intense and prolonged contractions, which in turn can affect the baby’s heart rate – this happened to Tori, as well as failure to progress, and led to a c-section.] As foolish as this sounds, I wanted to feel how bad itwould hurt. But I think I let the pain go on a little bit long before Igot the epidural. I called my friend and said, ‘You didn’t tell me contractions were this painful.’ And she said, ‘Why did you wait seven hours for the epidural?’

On the scary birth: The baby’s heart rate started dropping with each contraction. Plus, I stopped dilating – I only got to 6 cm. So Dr. Rothbart came in with oxygen and explained that they had to do a cesarean section. I started crying since I was so terrified. I was having a panic attack about the c-section, and I was crying out, ‘Mommy!’ when they wheeled me into the operating room. I don’t care how old you are: When you are going through something scary, you want your mommy! She was holding my hand and telling me, ‘It’s going to be okay.’ I looked into her eyes and calmed down. Liam was born at 3:53 pm.

On meeting her son for the first time: When I heard the cry of a little human life, I felt so connected to him. I will never experience anything like that for the rest of my life. Then the nurses brought him over, and he was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. I was like, ‘I’ve been waiting to see you for nine months!’

On breastfeeding: [Nursing] is hard, but I love it. That’s our time together, and I can give him the one thing he wants: food. Dean took a photo of me nursing and I was horrified. I was like, ‘Oh, this poor baby must be so scared of this giant thing coming at him!’

On being offended by Internet gossip: Someone wrote, ‘Of course she just scheduled one [a c-section], that’s what all actors do.’ But I would have much rather had a natural delivery! The recovery is so painful, and you want to be able to take care of your baby.

Click below for more, including what’s been difficult, why they chose the name Liam, the funny moment in the operating room, who Liam looks like, weight loss, the best advice Tori’s gotten, if they’ll be more babies, how Dean helps, how it felt not having her mom, Candy, around during her pregnancy, and how motherhood has changed her.

The one funny moment in the operating room: Dr. Rothbart saw my toe ring and saidit had to go (before the surgery could begin). Because I was soswollen, three nurses, my mom, and Dean were all putting on lotion andtrying to pull it off. Finally, Dean had to saw it off with a utensilthey had to get from maintenance. We kept the sawed-off ring for Liam’sbaby book.

On what’s been difficult: Mothers everywhere are going tokill me, but I have a really easy baby (so far). He’s 2 weeks old [atthe time of the interview] and sleeps 5 hours at a time during thenight. He’s not colicky, and he loves to eat. It’s tiring, but I’mhaving a ball.

So, who does Liam resemble?: I think he looks like Dean. [Dean interrupts.] I just saw a pic of Tori at 1 week old, and Liam looks exactly like her. He uses his hands a lot, and Tori always talks with her hands. He’s also opinionated, and that’s both of us.

Why they chose Liam: Dean says, "I’m Scottish and I alwaysliked it. When Liam Neeson came on the scene, I was like, ‘What a greatname!’ It always stuck with me." Tori says, "We thought forsure it would be a girl. Then the doctors were like, ‘It’s a boy.’ Wehadn’t even thought of boy names. And Dean said there was one name healways liked – Liam. And I loved it."

On not having her mom, Candy, around during her pregnancy
: I felt that ache. When my belly was growing and I would talk to Liam, I would just think of my mom. I wanted to show her my belly. I wanted to experience it with her. I realized that the love I felt for him was the love that she must feel for me. Now I wonder, ‘Why did this happen?’

Best advice from mom
: That Liam won’t break! When I dress him or when he cries, I am so traumatized. But she told me she was scared when she first had me. Then she dived right in. You know, you only get one family, and you have to make it work.

Dean as a dad: From the moment we met, we did everything together, and it’s no different now. We change him together, we feed him together – Dean is really good at burping Liam. [When I’m done nursing], I hand him to Dean, and Liam burps right away.

More babies?: A week after I had Liam, I told Dean we should make more. And I want to do it soon, because I think it’s important for children to be close in age and grow up together. My brother and I are almost six years apart, and we weren’t that close when we were younger.

On weight loss: In the movies, the belly goes away when the baby is born. That’s not true. Still, I wasn’t expecting to be as thin as I am now. I’m 5’5" and I gained 40 lbs, I was huge! But I want to stay healthy. When the time is right, I will diet with NutriSystem and work out.

On how motherhood has changed her: Before Liam, I was always stressed about a million different things. But when I had Liam, all that went away. Now, all that matters is my little man and my family.

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