By peoplestaff225
Updated April 28, 2007 07:00 AM

Actress Tori Spelling, 33, visited Jimmy Kimmel this evening to promote her show, Tori & Dean: Inn Love. She chatted about her son Liam Aaron, 6 weeks, (and showed off a cool new photo of him in shades!), the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, and a recent run-in at the grocery store.

On nursing: He’s SUCH a good baby. He’s a good sleeper, he’s a good eater…ish. I’ve been breastfeeding…The only trouble I’ve had with him has been the breastfeeding thing. It’s been a little difficult, cause, I didn’t know this before, but sometimes you don’t produce – you’d think these things would produce (points to breasts) – an abundance of milk. I’m trying to breastfeed him and he wasn’t very happy with it. So I had to supplement him with a bottle to get enough milk, and he found out that the bottle is easier to consume, it’s faster and comes right to you. He doesn’t have to do all the work. So, he started to eat angry.

He’d be attached and pounding on the boob (with his fists), and I’m like, ‘Don’t eat angry little man, don’t eat angry!’ And then he got to the point where he realized, ‘Well, no matter what I do she’s going to stick me on that thing,’ – which, it is literally larger than his head – so now he’s kind of learned to pacify me and kinda just sit there like (makes lazy sucking noise) and suck on it until he can get to his bottle.

And last week, I was feeding him, and he seemed to be like this little angel baby eating, and I looked down, and he was sucking on the boob, and he was holding it, and he had his middle finger up…he was all, ‘F you!’

On her grocery store run-in: I was in the market last week and some woman approached me, ‘TORI!’ so I was like, ‘Hi!’ and she said, ‘The baby!,’ and I was like, ‘Oh yeah,’ thinking he had been on the cover of Us Magazine, and she walked up and said, ‘Can I touch him?’ and grabbed my belly. And then it got worse. I was like, "Oh no no, he was born 5 weeks ago!’ and she goes, ‘OH! You still have the belly.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’m feeling good.’ And she’s like, ‘Don’t worry, it will go away – well I mean mine hasn’t yet and my kid’s 18, but…(shrugs shoulders).