Tori Spelling on her late father, Aaron Spelling

By auditioning contributor Kaisa

Tori Spelling says that she has made peace with her father, TV-producer Aaron Spelling, who passed away just last week. Their relationship had become tense for some time before his death, according to People magazine. But now Tori has made peace with him, saying: "I’m grateful I recently had the opportunity to reconcile with my father and most grateful we had the chance to tell each other we loved one another before he passed away." She also praised Aaron Spelling for his fatherhood skills: "It’s a true blessing to have had a parent that loved me unconditionally. He had a heart as big as his talent and today, along with many others, I mourn his loss. He was a great man and even better father."Aaron Spelling, who passed away last Friday at the age of 83, left behind two children: Tori, 33, and Randy, 27.

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