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Updated May 08, 2008 04:39 PM

Access Hollywood spoke with Tori Spelling during her baby shower on Sunday, May 4th, and discussed a number of topics, including names for her daughter, due in about four weeks. However, Tori is not sharing, and for good reason, she revealed.

Son Liam Aaron, who will be 14 months next week, doesn’t understand that a baby sister will be joining him soon, but he has discovered some of "perks" of mommy’s pregnant body, Tori laughed.

Click below to see if Tori and Dean would like more children.

When asked if she and Dean McDermott plan on more babies in the future, Tori explained that now is not the time, but she’s open to the idea later on. After back-to-back pregnancies, the 34-year-old actress needs a little rest!

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