Tori Spelling Wishes Spat Stayed Private For Kids

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As the public awkwardness between Candy Spelling and Tori Spelling continues to escalate, Tori says she wishes in retrospect that things could have been handled differently. “That’s the hard part,” the 35-year-old actress admits to FOXNews. “Because you know, now there’s children involved.” While she seems unsure whether she’ll ever make peace with her mom, personally, Tori says that “the focus” has shifted to 2-year-old Liam Aaron and 10-month-old Stella Doreen — for now.

“She is their grandparent. And if you would like to be in their lives and be a positive influence, I encourage that…Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And you know, I just think when my children are involved, wish it could be a little more private.”

Praised by host Sean Hannity for appearing to be “just a regular mom,” Tori expressed her gratitude. “That is the biggest compliment I could get.” The decision to allow cameras into her private life with husband Dean McDermott — capturing even her private interactions with the kids — on Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood is viewed by the 90210 star as a trade off.

“I didn’t have any peace before. I mean, the cameras were in my face before. But it was the paparazzi and it was the press. So, you know, which do you go with? They were writing things that weren’t the truth. So we figured, well, we’ll just put our lives out there and show them what the truth is.”

Tori’s new book Mommywood is available now.


— Missy

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