Her rocky relationship with mom Candy informed the star's parenting decisions

By Brian Orloff
May 14, 2009 12:55 PM

Her relationship with mom Candy has been rocky at times – and Tori Spelling says that dynamic concerned her when it came to raising her own daughter, Stella.

“My biggest fear in life was having a girl,” Spelling, 35, tells Cookie Magazine for its June issue, which she celebrated Wednesday during a bash at the Kitson in Los Angeles with her family. “How was I going to handle a girl?”

But, now she knows she didn’t have to worry.

“It turns out that Stella is a total mama’s girl,” she says of her 11-month-old. “For all my fears, without my even trying, Stella wants her mama. When she is in [husband] Dean’s arms, she lunges for me the way Liam did for him.”

Another challenge after becoming a mom for the second time, Spelling says, was how to deal with the public attention over her post-pregnancy body.

“After I’d given birth to Stella, some woman at the market grabbed my belly and asked when I was due,” she says. “When she had the flab in her hand, she realized her mistake. And the first time I went out after I had Liam, the paparazzi were around and I remember trying to hold my stomach in, even though my muscles were shot to hell.”

But it was not just the press who was interested in her body. “During both pregnancies, people touched my belly a lot,” Spelling says. “I would never do that to a pregnant woman – it’s a personal thing. And if I did, I’d say, ‘Your belly is so cute, can I touch it?’ ”

But the actress says she came to accept (and appreciate) the attention, actually. “At a certain point, ” she says, “I just decided that Stella was getting a lot of love in there.”

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