Liam already likes to make people laugh and has earned the nickname "monkey"

By Paul Chi
November 08, 2007 05:35 PM
Frank Olsen/startraks

Tori Spelling has a real-life “Curious George” on her hands – her son Liam.

“We call him monkey,” Spelling told PEOPLE about her 8-month-old. “We started to call him that when he was little. I was like, ‘Well, you are a little monkey!’ And then it just stuck. He actually responds to the name monkey more than Liam.”

The TV star added his curiosity is endearing, and he’s already working on his comedic timing.

“He observes everything! If he’s playing with you and he can hear a tiny little noise across the room, he’s like, ‘What’s that?’ ” said Spelling, 34, at’s Around the Clock shop event in New York City Thursday.

“He also tries to make everyone laugh. So if he does something and you laugh, he stops and looks at you and then keeps doing it. He totally gets it and it’s really funny!”

Just weeks ago wildfires in Southern California threatened Spelling and husband Dean McDermott’s B&B, which is featured on their reality show, Tori & Dean: Inn Love.

“The fires did come close and at one point they were 4 miles from us and the town was evacuated,” she said. “When you put so much into something and spent so much time kind of redecorating the B&B and putting so much of ourselves into it and you think, ‘Gosh, in just one second everything could be gone.’ And that was pretty scary … But everything is fine.”