Tori Spelling On Liam's Proud Pull-Ups Moment

Since welcoming daughter Stella Doreen, now 8 months, life in the Spelling-McDermott household has been tough on actress Tori Spelling, who admits “it’s crazy having two kids both in diapers at the same time.” The tides are changing for the family, however, as Tori revealed on a Thursday appearance on The Today Show that her son Liam Aaron, 22 months, is ready to trade in his diaper days for trips to his potty. “He’s the big man on campus. He’s going through potty training which is a whole new world for me,” says Tori.

Playing it safe with Pull-Ups, Tori banked on Liam’s obsession with the movie Cars to make the transition between diapers to using the potty as smooth as possible. Fortunately, the car designs on his Pull-Ups worked wonders for the toddler, who proved this past weekend during a shopping trip to Barney’s that he is more than willing to show them off to the world!

“His thing is, when he meets people, he’s not socialized like adults. He doesn’t know how to say, ‘Hi, how are you?’ He shows you things, like he points to Mom, and he actually dropped his pants and wearing his Pull-Ups, he went, ‘Car! Car!’ and he was pointing down and I thought, ‘Okay.'”

Calling motherhood “amazing,” Tori shares that the perks of having her own reality show — on its upcoming 4th season — allows for the working mama to spend time where she is needed most. “I work full-time so being a mom…obviously that’s my most important job, so that’s the one I want to focus on,” she says.

When the going does get tough, Tori can always rely on her “amazing” husband, she gushes. In fact, according to the 90210 actress, a supportive husband seems to be the secret to balancing both her successful career with the responsibilities of motherhood. “Dean helps me through everything. We really are a team — we get to work together, we get to play together,” says the 35-year-old.

Source: The Today Show

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