Tori Spelling, mom to 14-month-old Liam Aaron and expecting a daughter in about two weeks, happily proclaims that she can "do it all," and that she hasn’t "compromised for a second" when it comes to balancing career and family. But Tori, 35, also admits that her career puts her in "a very fortunate position" — and she says she’s got plenty of help. Husband Dean McDermott, Tori tells ModernMom, is "the most hands-on dad I’ve ever seen."

At no time has Dean’s approach to parenthood been more appreciated than when it comes to looking after Liam during Tori’s current pregnancy. As several CBB readers pointed out earlier today, caring for a toddler while carrying a baby in utero can take quite a toll. Through it all, Tori says, Dean has been "an angel."

Photo by Michael Williams/Startraks.

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