Tori Spelling Says She and Dean McDermott May Go for Baby No. 6: 'I Forgot How Much I Loved Being Pregnant'

"All my kids have their little pair, so I would be open to one more," Tori Spelling tells PEOPLE

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For Tori Spelling, the ease of her latest pregnancy was a very pleasant surprise.

The actress, 43, and her husband Dean McDermott, 50, welcomed their fifth child together, Beau Dean, on March 2 via cesarean section and it was a vastly different experience from the life threatening birth she had with her son Finn, now 4, due to her placenta previa — a condition in which the placenta blocks the cervix.

In fact, things went so well that the couple — who are also parents to Liam, 10, Stella, 8 and Hattie, 5 (McDermott is also dad to Jack, 18, from his previous marriage) — are considering baby number six.

“All my kids have their little pair, so I would be open to one more,” Spelling tells PEOPLE adding with a laugh, “Hey, if people call you the Brady Bunch, you have to complete the Brady Bunch.”


The actress says her pregnancy with Beau was also very easy, especially compared to the doctor-ordered bed rest and the complications she endured while carrying Finn.

“I forgot how much I loved being pregnant,” says Spelling. “I love the connection. You are never alone.”

Despite the easy pregnancy, Spelling admits she was still extremely nervous before entering the delivery room. Her younger brother, Randy, flew from Portland to be there for the birth.

“I turned to my brother and hugged him and it felt like I was a little girl hugging my dad. I said to him, ‘Am I going to be okay?’ and he said, ‘You’re going to be fine. You are great at this.’ ”

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As for when they might try for baby number six, Spelling says, “Whatever is meant to be is meant to be.”

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