Tori Spelling Admits Asking for Help While Raising 5 Kids Is 'Really Hard': 'It Takes a Village'

"A lot of times, I find myself trying to do everything myself ... I'm still a work in progress," Tori Spelling tells PEOPLE of being a mom of five

Tori Spelling/Instagram
Photo: Tori Spelling/Instagram

Tori Spelling knows firsthand the difficulties of balancing life as a mom of five.

While speaking to PEOPLE about her partnership with Else Nutrition, the actress, 48, opened up about how she navigates life with five children and the importance of having a support system as she learns to ask for help.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum — who shares five kids, Liam Aaron, 14, Stella Doreen, 13, Hattie Margaret, 10, Finn Davey, 9, and Beau Dean, 4, with Dean McDermott — says it "takes a village" to balance life as a working mom.

"A lot of times, I find myself trying to do everything myself," she admits. "I'm still a work in progress."

However, the star says she has a "great friend group that I definitely can call and be like, 'Hey, can you help me? I need support.' And I think that's always important, too."

"It's really hard for me because I definitely grew up in a family where we had a lot of support around. I grew up with a nanny full-time, so I was always that girl that was like, 'When I have kids, I'm going to do it all myself,' " she recalls. "So I still do it all, but I'm still working on that. It's okay to ask for help."

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Tori Spelling/Instagram

Now that her kids are back in school, Spelling says something that is "super challenging" is that she has "four drop-offs at four different schools."

"But it's all about teamwork," she says. "Their dad and I split it up and it works out. But it's a lot."

The actress also spoke about the idea of "mom guilt," sharing that as parents, "we put so much pressure and guilt ourselves that I think expectations are too hard."

"As long as they're happy, they're healthy, they're loved, at the end of the day, I'm like, 'Okay. Some things fell through the cracks. We didn't get everything done. Tomorrow's a new day,' " she continues.

When it comes to making sure her kids are all eating healthy, especially on busy nights, Spelling says it's "definitely tricky."

"I feel like any family that's just like, 'Hey, you know what. We're all eating one thing,' it's really unrealistic. You don't want to cater to each kid, I feel like that's not a good message to send either," she says. "But I have different kids that have different allergies. I have to at some point make different versions of things. I try to always pick my base and then kind of just adapt it from there."

Spelling says she's also been incorporating Else Nutrition into her kids' diet, like the company's plant-based shakes for both toddlers and kids.

"I make shakes for them and I slip in avocado, they don't know but it helps thicken it. If you're on the go, you can just add water and it's this super yummy protein shake drink that they could take," she says. "It's really good, my kids are big into fruit, mango is their favorite, so we will make a mango shake with it."

Spelling says she'll also "get creative" and add the mix to other foods like oatmeal and pancakes or make energy bites for her family.

"It's super easy to make and it's kind of like they get the whole shake but they get it in a bite, so it's almost like a cookie and it's super yummy," says Spelling.

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