Liam McDermott is Tori Spelling's little monkey


Tori Spelling, 34, and Dean McDermott, 40, dressed their seven-month-old son Liam as Curious George for Halloween for a good reason — he is their little monkey.

We call him monkey. We started to call him that when he was little. I was like, ‘Well, you are a little monkey!’ And then it just stuck. He actually responds to the name monkey more than Liam.

Liam is also very curious about the world around him, according to mom.

He observes everything! If he’s playing with you and he can hear a tiny little noise across the room, he’s like, ‘What’s that?’ He also tries to make everyone laugh. So if he does something and you laugh, he stops and looks at you and then keeps doing it. He totally gets it and it’s really funny.

Source: People

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