Watch the Tense Moment Tori Roloff Tells Zach He 'Never Gives Her Credit' for Her Load as a Mom

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff are having a playful conversation that takes a turn as Tori expresses feeling a lack of validation of her hard work from her husband

Tori Roloff feels built for mom life, but she has her limits.

In an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Little People, Big World, the mom of three discusses an overwhelming day of parenting with husband Zach Roloff in what started as a playful conversation before things become tense between the spouses. Tori and Zach share sons Josiah, 7 months, and Jackson, 5, and daughter Lilah, 3.

"My niche in life, I truly believe is being a mom. I love being a mom. So when I have days like yesterday — where I just didn't have patience for my kids, when I get upset at them because of something that's affecting me — I hate that," she explains to Zach. "I went to bed last night with the worst mom guilt."

"When I get mad at the kids, it's because I'm mad at the kids," he replies, laughing as he adds, "I don't feel dad guilt."

Tori challenges his response, to which Zach concedes that "every now and then" he feels guilty over his reactions to the kids. "It's not like the same guilt," he notes.

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See the Tense Moment Tori Rolloff Tells Zach He 'Never Gives Her Credit' for Her Load as a Mom

"It's not the same guilt. My guilt is like, did I spend enough time with them? Did I listen to them?" Tori agrees, to which Zach laughs, describing his own as "I probably shouldn't have done that."

In her confessional, Tori says that while they were "joking," there was nothing funny about what she was trying to express.

"When you have a lack of sleep and you feel like you're sinking and failing as a mother, it can be frustrating," she says.

Tori goes on to say how upsetting it is for her when she yells because she doesn't feel like she "ever" yells, to which Zach starts laughing and Tori, half-joking, replies, "Can you leave?"

After some back and forth about her frustration with Zach's response, Tori says, "This is why I get overwhelmed, honestly Zach."

"Honestly this is why, because you don't give me any credit for anything," she levels.

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Getting a bit more serious, Zach replies, "You know Tori, I'm giving you credit, I'm just saying 'ever' is strong."

Tori then shares a story with Zach about an incident days prior that "hurt her feelings," to which he laughs in reply.

"You don't even care! I literally, I'm making Jackson's lunch and you said, 'oh you're just trying to make it look good.'"

"I said, 'cute,'" he counters, which she asserts was "worse" and suggests he could say, "Tori, thank you for making our children lunch."

"I would say Zach takes care of the outside of the house and I take care of the inside of the house," she says in the confessional, going on to explain how the couple divides responsibilities.

tori roloff
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"I do breakfast, feed the kids, get Jackson ready for school, take him to school. Then come home and Siah goes down for his first nap and then it's just me and Lilah, and we play. He wakes up, we do lunch. It's exhausting."

Back in the conversation, Tori says she wishes Zach would "give me a little more credit," as he replies, "I do give you credit, but I also hold you accountable."

"But that's why I have days like yesterday though, Zachary. That's why I get burnt out because I can't always be like that," she says, frustrated.

"I get it," he says, to which she replies, "you don't," before clarifying she'd be sleeping upstairs.

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