'Top Chef' Hosea Rosenberg Plans a Meal for the Jolie-Pitts

When you have six kids, dinnertime is probably a little interesting! But for Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg, cooking for a family of eight — say, the Jolie-Pitts — is a snap. The newly-crowned winner of the Bravo TV reality show sat down with PEOPLE earlier this week to “dish” on what he’d serve the famous family. He shared,

“If they came [to my restaurant] with all their kids I’d do something family-style. I’d do a paella or some sort of jambalaya; something where they can just all get into it and get dirty.”

Though the Top Chef — not a dad himself — “loves kids,” cooking for them is a different story! He told PEOPLE,

“I love cooking for kids, but you can’t do anything pretty and sexy or nice for a kid because it’s just going to get spilled everywhere!”

For more with Hosea, check out PEOPLE’s video interview here.

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