By peoplestaff225
Updated October 20, 2008 06:30 PM

Noel Vasquez/Getty

Former professional skateboarder Tony Hawk knows all about success in the business world, but what he is most proud of is being father to sons HudsonRiley,’ 16 ½, Spencer, 9, and Keegan, 7 ½, and daughter Kadence Clover, 4 ½ months. "Being emotionally supportive to my children is most important to me," shared the 40-year-old in a new interview with Success Magazine. He makes a point of putting his family first, even if it comes at the cost of missing out on work projects.

Tony has accomplished a lot in his life, but one thing he has never done is be father to a daughter, which he believes to be "a bit scary and exciting." It is the unknown which worries him the most because "with three sons, I know what they like and how to make them laugh." Despite not knowing what to expect with a little girl, he is "actually looking forward to hosting a tea party" with Kadence, nothing that, "Hey, I like tea, so it shouldn’t be hard, right?"

Riley’s mother is Tony’s ex-wife Cindy Dunbar while Spencer and Keegan’s mom is ex-wife Erin Lee. Kadence’s mom is Tony’s wife of three years, Lhotse Hawk.