Toni Collette Views Work Differently Since Becoming a Mom

With United States of Tara, Toni Collette found the perfect balance between work and family — a role she loves and a schedule that suits 18-month-old Sage Florence, her daughter with husband Dave Galafassi. Of filming the first season, she says, “Even though I was beyond exhausted — I was breastfeeding and had a little person living off my body — I was always excited to wake up and go to work.”

Still, now that Sage is older, Toni admits in a new interview with the Sydney Morning Herald she is unsure “how it will work” as she prepares to shoot the second season in Los Angeles.

“I was still breastfeeding last time, so we would all go to work together. They would go off and have little adventures during the day but she was kind of dependent on my breasts.”

Plans to make Sage a big sister are unresolved. “I think about it,” Toni concedes. “I am pretty happy with my one gorgeous little person at the moment. I am just enjoying her and enjoying this time.” To that end, the 36-year-old actress says it’s hard to remember a time when Sage wasn’t in her life, noting, “it’s kind of like she has always been here…and yet she is so brand new.”

“For me, I think the biggest thing about having a child is realizing the depth of feeling that a human being is capable of. I think, inherently, actors feel like you are for hire and it could all go away. But now I don’t take jobs for the sake of taking a job. Unless I completely love something I wouldn’t touch it. I would rather spend time with my daughter.”

One thing is for certain: Wherever Toni is, Sage and Dave won’t be far behind! “We move as a unit, we go everywhere together,” she explains. “Surely the joy of being part of a family is the day-to-dayness.”

The second season of United States of Tara will air on Showtime in early 2010.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

— Missy

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