Actor and proud father, Tom Cruise, has been busily promoting his new movie, Mission: Impossible III. During his appearance on Good Morning America, and The Letterman Show, he excitedly talked about fiance Kate/Katie Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise.

"Suri, she’s very strong. She’s kicking," Tom said. He added that he was afraid Suri would kick herself right off the changing table while he was reaching for diapers. He also mentioned the shopping he did for Suri in Paris, and said, "The fun that I had, little girl clothes are incredible." Letterman asked if Katie had a long delivery, and Tom said, "No. It happened quickly." He also said that Suri is up to 7lbs, 10 oz, and is at home being cared for by her mother. When asked how Katie was doing, Tom answered, "She’s doing spectacular".

Tom was expected to return home last night, to finally join Katie and Suri.

Source: People and ABC News