Tom Cruise promises pictures of Suri soon

UPDATE: Page Six is reporting that the photos were apparently taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz and will be published this fall.

The infamous daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, may soon be making her debut to the world. While such celebrities as Leah Remini, Jada Pinkett Smith and Penelope Cruz have already had their visit with the "gorgeous" and "beautiful" Suri, the public is yet to have a glimpse of even a blanket-covered stroller. Wait no longer (well at least not too much longer); Cruise’s spokeperson, Arnold Robinson said the photos will be released "shortly." Robinson, also added that Tom has not been reluctant to release the photos and they "will be making a decision to release the photographs shortly."

They are also apparently still deciding whether the photos will be limited to a number of media outlets (like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s pictures), or if they will be available for everyone.

Source: IOL and Page Six

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