Tom Cruise criticizes Brooke Shield's use of anti-depressants during her post-partum depression

Because he hasn’t been hogging the tabloids, talk shows and gossip news shows enough with his "relationship" with almost half his age Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise decided to stir up some controversy by criticizing Brooke Shields’ use of anti-depressants for her post-partum depression following the birth of her daughter Rowan. (Screenshot of Tom goosing Katie on his May 23rd appearance on Oprah, from Defamer.)

During an interview for Access Hollywood, Tom told interviewer Billy Bush that Brooke’s treatment of her post-partum depression with the anti-depressant Paxil was misguided or a mistake. Instead, he says, she should have taken… vitamins. VITAMINS??? Tom is an active member of the Church of Scientology which is vehemently opposed to the use of "mind-altering drugs."

Tom told Billy, "These drugs are dangerous. I have actually helped people come off. When you talk about postpartum, you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that. You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things."

The interview airs Thursday night.

I would like to know when Tom Cruise last gave birth and suffered from post-partum depression OR when he attended medical school. If he hasn’t done it, which I am pretty sure he hasn’t, he has no business criticizing anyone’s medical treatment. If you don’t believe in use of psychiatric drugs, don’t use them yourself. You don’t need to tell other people they are making a mistake, especially if they feel it has helped them.

Source: The New York Daily News

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