Tom and Christine Glavine are the proud parents of a new baby boy via adoption. The couple welcomed Kienan Patrick Glavine approximately one month ago, and feel that his place in their family of seven is fate. Of their “chance encounter” with Kienan’s birth mother, the 43-year-old Atlanta Braves pitcher says “it’s one of those things that makes you believe a little more in divine intervention.”

Tom and Christine were considering adoption and had begun filling out legal paperwork when Christine was introduced to the expectant mom in an Atlanta restaurant. Shortly thereafter, the unidentified woman — who had already registered with an adoption agency — informed the couple that she had chosen them to raise her son. “We’d like to think we’re going to provide him with something special,” Tom says. “It’s been great for our kids.”

Fortunately, Tom and Christine don’t seem to mind. “We like kids,” he said. “There’s always something going on at our house.”

In addition to Kienan, Tom and Christine are parents to Amber, 14, Jonathan, 14, Peyton, 10 and Mason, 8.


— Missy