The Patriots QB couldn t wait to find out the sex of his second child – but is keeping it a secret from his wife

By Charlotte Triggs
Updated December 02, 2009 05:50 PM
Credit: Daniel/Sean/INF

Tom Brady knows how to keep a secret! Just ask Gisele Bündchen, whose husband found out the sex of their baby – due this month – even though she's waiting on a surprise.

"I m really the only one that knows at this point," Brady, 32, said in an interview with WEEI Sports Radio on Wednesday. "My dad asked me. I haven't told him. [Gisele] doesn t know. It s a pretty good feeling knowing something that no one else knows."

Especially, Brady adds, because he s been able to keep it from Bündchen, 29. "She s a very intelligent woman," he explains. "I wanted to find out and she didn t, so she said, ‘Go ahead.' It will be a surprise for her."

The Patriots quarterback admits that he s had to be careful with his pronouns as of late. "I always mix it, he added. "I don t think I ve ever slipped. I m very conscious when I m saying it."

So will their nursery at their luxe Boston condo be blue or pink? "There s no paint yet!" joked Brady, adding that he hasn t shared yet whether or not his 2-year-old son Jack, with ex Bridget Moynahan, will have to start sharing his hand-me-downs. "Everything is unisex at this point. Yellow. Light green. There s lots of this."