Tom Daley's Son Was Able to Watch Some of Medal-Winning Competition, Says Family 'Over the Moon'

"He woke up for a little bit of the competition and then got put back to bed because he was falling asleep, obviously," Tom Daley told reporters of his son after he won a bronze medal on Saturday

It was the middle of the night for Tom Daley's family when he won his second of two medals on Saturday, during the men's 10m platform diving final at the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

But he still got a chance to celebrate with his mom and his husband, Dustin Lance Black, he told reporters after he won bronze.

The couple's young son, Robbie, will likely learn the good news in the morning.

"He woke up for a little bit of the competition and then got put back to bed because he was falling asleep, obviously," said Daley, 27. "But I got to speak to my mum and Lance and, obviously, they're over the moon."

Daley said he "can't wait to go home and see my friends — and then I'm gonna be flying out to Canada to stay with them well through 'til December, really."

(Earlier this summer, Daley took Robbie up to the highest board at the London Aquatics Centre in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. "Papa: It's high up here isn't it?! 😬," Daley wrote in the caption, describing their conversation. Robbie told him, "A little bit, but not really!")

Daley's two Tokyo medals double his Olympic career haul. In addition to his bronze on Saturday, he and diving partner Matty Lewis won gold last week in the men's synchronized 10m platform.

tom daley
Tom Daley (right) and son Robbie Ray. Tom Daley/instagram

For all that success, he has partially credited raising 2-year-old Robbie with his screenwriter husband.

Daley told PEOPLE while speaking with reporters after his gold that fatherhood was a "massive turning point in my career as an athlete."

"Because I realized that whether I do really well or whether I do terribly in the pool, that I can go home to a husband and son that loves me regardless," he said then. "And that feeling that and knowing that and knowing that that love is unconditional to go and stand on that diving board, I can take that pressure off of myself and I can actually enjoy it and be like, You know what, I'm doing this because I love to do it and how I dive in the pool doesn't define me."

"First and foremost, I'm a father and a husband," Daley said.

Black, 47, has been showing his support for Daley on social media, posting while the family follows along with the Games from Canada.

In one recent post, Black shared a message from Daley while the latter is in Japan in which he thanked his husband and their son for their limitless love. Daley later mailed them a letter from Japan echoing.

"The support from you guys has been what has been able to get me through some of my crazy days, some of my easy days, the highs and lows and everything in between," Daley said in the video Black shared.

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