Toddler toys that delight and stimulate the senses

Bring in the new year with some toys that will stimulate toddlers and get their creative and intellectual skills flowing.


Little ones love computers, especially keyboards. But letting them havefree reign of your machine is a scary notion. That’s why LeapFroginvented the ClickStart: My First Computer

.You simply plug it into your TV and your child gets to learn valuablecomputer skills by using the keyboard with fun and interactive features.


If your kid is always trying to get his mitts on your expensive digital camera, consider giving them a Crayola EZ Grip Digital Camera

.It features rubber grips for small hands, a 1.3" preview screen, andcomes with cool "Color Genie" software that lets them turn their imagesinto stories, printable frames, finger puppets, puzzles and games. Available at


Simplify typing and mousing for kids with the Crayola Type n LearnKeyboard and EZ Click Mouse. The oversized keyboard comes color-codedto make it easier for children todistinguish among letters, numbers and symbols. You’ll be glad to see that it’s both PC and Maccompatible. The Mouse is kid-sized and resembles a snow globe with itscrayola characters floating within a safe, non-toxic liquid. Both willbe available at Circuit City and


25 years ago the Care Bears premiered on TV and they became aphenomenon. To celebrate this milestone, PlayAlong has released alimited edition Care Bears: 25th Anniversary Tenderheart Bear

.He’s super cuddly with white and fur with a silver nose, belly andeyes. In the packaging is also a never-before-released on DVD CareBears episode, known as the Lost Episode or the Land Without Feelings.


As your toddler begins to use art tools, they will likely getfrustrated while trying to hold the crayons and markers. Little handsaren’t quite developed to hold a thin stick to make marks on paper. Nowwith Crayola’s new Beginnings product line

,little hands have a marker, crayon and paint brush they can actuallyhandle. They don’t fall over, they’re completely washable and they comewith cute little animal characters on each one.

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