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Updated April 15, 2010 10:00 AM
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Hot Moms Club founder Jessica Denay believes there’s never been a hotter time to be a mom.

The proof? Cool celeb mommies, fierce fashions and limitless options in baby gear, among other things.

So she decided to spread the word with her latest book, The Hot Mom to Be Handbook (Avon, $17).

Filled with advice on books to buy, websites to visit and words to live by, it’s kind of an “insiders’ guide to pregnancy,” Denay tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“The whole vibe is fun — it’s not meant to scare anybody!”

Drawing on her own experiences as a mom — and advice from celebrity pals like Trista Sutter and Soleil Moon Frye — Denay touches on hot mom topics like pregnancy brain, choosing not-hot doctors (you wouldn’t want to talk hemorrhoids with McDreamy!) and even heavier issues, like banking your baby’s cord blood.

“A lot has come up in recent years that people didn’t talk about when my son was born,” she says. “And we talk about that. But we cover light topics, too.”

Want to be a hot mom-to-be? Here are a few quick hits from the book:

Share the glow. Attitudes are infectious; the more excited you are about your pregnancy, the more excited others will be about it, too.

Maintain your friendships. When you have a baby, it’s harder to stay close with friends that don’t have kids. Think of ways to incorporate mommy and non-mommy friends into your life, maybe through e-mail catch-ups or standing coffee dates.

Don’t forget your “other baby.” That’s right — your partner is going to cry out for attention, too. Definitely carve out special relationship time, including time to discuss how things will change in the months ahead.

Buy the book at In addition to great tips, it includes thousands of dollars worth of discounts for pre- and post-pregnancy products.

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