July 23, 2007 09:15 AM

I love anything that makes my life easier. The TipeeToes Baby Baby Bottle Holder, if your babe bottle feeds, will accomplish that goal. Mom/Inventor Matina Seremetis created this product after her own daughter was born. She wanted to make the bottle holding process a little easier, so she got inventive and created the TipeToes Baby Bottle Holder.

The way it works is the foam holder supports the bottle, so you can feed your baby with one hand. Seremetis is careful to point out, only if supervised, babies can even feed themselves using her product to help them support the bottle (obviously, that would mean babies OVER 6-7 months, maybe closer to a year). Since my toddler would not even hold his bottle until he was 15 months, this would have been a good product to try out earlier on him. He’s 22 months now and the bottle days are thankfully almost behind us (he only takes one if he wakes up in the early, early am – no judging please!!)

This compact product, awarded a patent in early May, is made of non-toxic foam is 1/4 inch thin and very portable (lays flat when not in use). It’s reusable and slips on and off very, very easily. It won’t absorb liquids (cause we know a little liquid escapes the bottles!) and you can throw it into the top rack of the dishwasher. It retails for $4.99 each (a bargain). You can get also get Tipetoes through their website or here.

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