Tiny Tales: catcher and keeper of baby's first stories

Tiny Tales is an amazing idea. I cannot say how much it means to me to have had this to try out. When my first son was born, I had plenty of time to write everything down. His baby book has every detail of everything he did from the moment he was born (until his brother was born anyway) and is full of pictures. Actually we have 4 or 5 albums full of pictures. For baby two, all of that fell by the wayside and we have nothing done. We have maybe a handful of pictures of him in the hospital and in his first days home instead of the hundreds we have of his brother. He has an album, but it is still empty, completely, and he is now 6 months old. We would have no record of anything he’s done in his life beyond his birth date if it weren’t for Tiny Tales.

Tiny Tales gives you an acrylic box with a pad for recording milestones and a set of dividers. We have the “Baby Tales” kit. And thank goodness we do. The box contains two 4×6 notepads (you can leave one at home in the box and take one with you if you really want to be ready) and four dividers for baby’s first year. The clear acrylic box makes it easy to see what’s inside so you easily remember to mark important moments down on the pad and the dividers make it easy to organize the sheets or add photos. They suggest that you compile the results into an album of baby’s first year. Hopefully we will someday transfer the contents of Grae’s “Baby Tales” into his very nice, empty album along with all of the other mementos and the piles of photos we have managed to compile. Without Tiny Tales we’d be missing the important details like when he first rolled over and sat up and everything else he’s doing very quickly every day.

The pads offer check boxes to get you started and a place for the date and notes on the details. Also available are “Toddler Tales,” “Expecting Tales” and “Personalized Tales” that you can customize with your own divider headings. Refill pads are also available. Any of these, or all, would make a great gift.

Especially for CBB readers, visit www.tiny-tales.com for 10% off with coupon code CBB through February 4, 2008.

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