Tiny Tales Babysitter Notes and Daycare Sheets

If you’re like me, the hand-off to your babysitter is usually rushed. You’re in a hurry to get where you need to go and hand her a scrap of paper with scribbled info and run out the door. Then you realize an hour later that you forgot something important. Tiny Tales’ Babysitter Notes ($8) won’t make you any less rushed but at least you’ll be reminded to enter all of the info she could need.

The Babysitter Notes ($8) comes in a pad of 50 sheets and has all kinds of pertinent information related to your children for the babysitter (i.e. eat, bathe, sleep, contact, what’s ok/not ok and a ‘just in case section’). These sheets are colorful and thorough. It’s also a nice way to relate a sensitive message (make sure the kids brush their teeth, make sure the kids pick up their toys, etc.) without making your babysitter feel like you’re leaving a laundry list of things to do. These are a must have for anyone who ever leaves their child with someone else and would make a great shower gift!

The Daycare Sheets for infants and toddlers ($8) are really cute. If you are about to send your child to daycare or to someone’s home to be cared for I would recommend starting day one with these sheets – like the Babysitter Notes, they are colorful and thorough. There are 7 boxes that include things like “I learned”, “I was… (fill in mood),” “I slept,” “I ate,” “I had fun…” (with several lines to write), “I went” (for bathroom/diaper information) and “I need” (i.e. diapers, wipes, etc.). My oldest child went to an in-home daycare that I loved. When we started I would get a notecard at the end of each day with a similar report, but then the cards stopped. By giving the provider the sheets you are sending the not-so-subtle message that you would like a report each day and these sheets make it very easy. That said, many larger daycares have a sheet they already give you each day that is equally as thorough, so in a case like this they would most likely not use the product.

Tiny Tales is a mom-owned company that specializes in memory book products and baby-related notes. Their other products include Baby Tales, Toddler Tales, Expecting Tales and Memory Postcards which prompt you to jot down info you’ll want to remember when your baby’s grown like his firsts and capturing poignant moments.

— Jennifer

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