Tiny Revolutionary "Bris" Tees: Getting snipped should count for something

One of the things that Jewish mommies have to look forward to when they have sons, is a Bris. What is a Bris you ask? It’s a party for the baby and family, held on the eighth day of life, and it is also when the ritual of circumcision is performed. Usually by a trained professional called a Mohel, who may or may not also be an MD. Our Mohel is a MD — he’s also known for attending to both Jewish and non-Jewish celeb babies but I don’t think he’s giving me that scoop!

Even for the initiated it can feel very strange to plan a party that includes both a medical procedure and deli platters. I think the closest thing I have heard of in our modern culture involves grown women and botox (and perhaps less pastrami). But I digress … Understandably, planning your son’s Bris can be a little traumatic, for all of you. You’re a new mom, he’s a new human. Your husband may decide he is experiencing primal memories of his own Bris and develop a case of melodramatic PTSD. It’s a good time for a little glass of wine (take it easy if you are breastfeeding please!) and a full dose of a sense of humor.

Enter adorable tees from Tiny Revolutionary. Consider it baby’s first memento tee for his earliest performance as a rock star. Printed on the worlds softest burnout tees (like your favorite vintage tee), they simply say "I Survived the Bris!" ($22). If you have such a joyous and nerve-wrenching event to attend in the near future, this is a gift that is sure to be extremely well received by all. I’m just waiting for the parent size version because really, people,

I’m already thinking that I have nothing to wear to this party! Tiny Revolutionary also makes a cute, humorous "My Mommy’s Milk is Kosher" tee ($22). The gals at the JCC are gonna kvell.

Exclusively for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Enter coupon code "MAZEL" to save 15% on your order.

Ciaran’s Note: I realize many parents have strong feelings about whether or not to circumcise. I respect the choices of others to refrain, and respectfully request no comments about our family’s traditions and decisions here. But feel free to comment on the tees!

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