I’ve got great affection for Tiny Love. This company makes terrific developmental toys for babies & toddlers, with such products as activity gyms, mobiles and toys. Chances are, if you look around your home, you’ll own quite a few toys from this company. We tested out the Sunny Stroll and the Tummy-Time Fun Ladybug Pillow & Mat.

The Tiny Love website gives you tips on how this toy will engage your baby’s senses, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and cognition. They also give age tips and tell you how your child will typically play with it. As an educator, I appreciated their suggested tips.

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The Sunny Stroll (above, $14.95)was delightful. It’s on baby Allegra’s bassinet right now (soon I willput it on the stroller). She absolutely loves it. I like the flexible,jointed arch — I can pull it up or down, depending on how she wants toplay. Sometimes she likes to kick or grab at it, other times she justcoos at it. The Sunny Stroll takes mere seconds to install –just attach it to a suitable surface (like a car seat, stroller or evena bassinet) and then tighten the attachment clips. Designed to be veryportable, this toy is appropriate from birth on. Allegra is 3 monthsnow and it really holds her attention. Her older brother (aged 2 1/2)always wants to play with it too- – he loves spinning the greenpropeller. We don’t encourage that though — since Allegra barely hasany toys of her own yet. I also liked that it was baby-powered. Nobatteries, lights or artificial sounds (which is refreshing sometimes).


  • Baby activated propeller
  • Transparent sun prism
  • Rattling butterfly ball with crinkly texture
  • Flower mirror
  • Crinkly butterfly
  • Flexible arch with angle adjustment
  • Easy attachment clips

We also tested out the Tummy-Time Fun Ladybug Pillow & Mat ($29.95). Allegra can’t really hold her head up yet (all the more reason to encourage more tummy time). This particular set is very girly, with the butterfly and flower padded mat, pink cushioning pillow, and a free-standing pink framed mirror. It comes in a plastic package with a handle (so it can be toted to Grandma’s). If you prefer a unisex tummy time mat, choose the Tummy-Time Fun Frog Pillow & Mat.


  • Cute ladybug design
  • Tummy-time pillow
  • Engaging mirror
  • Soft & washable padded mat
  • Teethers
  • Squeeze horn

The benefits of this product, according to the company, are that it strengthens muscles in the neck and shoulders, promotes head lifting, encourages tummy time play, and prompts investigation of objects with the hands and mouth. Allegra liked the bright colors on the mat. She hasn’t noticed the mirror yet, but loves when we shake the detachable toys at her. She’s trying to grab them, but hasn’t succeeded yet. We love playing with her on this mat!

I’m sure we will be a fan of Tiny Love for a long time. Check out their many toys and soft books for babies, as well at their famous Gymini (that’s been around for 15 years now). Shop online or click here to find a retailer.